Words From a Long Time Ago…or Yesterday…

Randy’s finally at peace! At least I hope he is. Ashes to ashes….dust to dust! That’s what is said. In this case dust to water. As I scattered his ashes in the ocean he seemed to swirl around me like a whirlpool for a short time as if to say something. I don’t normally spout ominous meanings and maybe it was just something I wanted to see….but for my needs, my hopes, my grief, I need to think he was swirling around. Love ya Rand man. Rest in peace.

Love Dad

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  1. Oformlenie_oaSa says:

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  2. Robert Edelman says:

    A news headline said that it is now two years after the death of George Floyd and very little if anything has changed. Why is that? It is as simple as it is complicated. Very little of substance has changed because there has been nothing done to change the way people think. In fact, if I were a betting man I would be that our society, George Floyd’s home included has changed for the worse. Those who resisted the indictment and prosecution of those four officers are, to my way of thinking at the very least even more resolve in their racism.
    Academics have been screaming for years and no one is listening. Well, let’s say they may be listening but they’re not paying much attention. To change the way people think we must really change the way they actually think. We must show them the light. We must prove to them that the way of bigotry and racism doesn’t really work. They much honestly believe that the way of thinking that has come down from their parents and grandparents hurts; everybody. That it costs; everybody. They must believe that everyone has to pay more and in horrible was because of this. They must learn that a society cannot evolve, cannot grow, cannot mature with other than a free and balanced society. Academics have been touting education as the required foundation for a true, free, and secure democracy. Education where the population has been made aware of all sides and made aware of all facts and has the ability to choose for themselves with a process of evaluation the ability for which can only be the result of a good, formal education. If people can’t reason and think clearly then they are easily fooled and easily led.
    If we redirected enough funds into our educational system now… we could kick start an amazing change for the future. An amazing change toward an educated population. Today our educational system is an embarrassment. No matter which study you look at, the U.S. ranks out of the top ten in all of them and as far down the list as 25th in the free world. The ranking is an estimate but it’s certainly eye opening enough that we should all want to do something about it, and not attack the companies that do the ranking. That seems to be our latest plan and it’s certainly not working out wonderfully well. We are a county of the people, by the people, and for the people but it isn’t reflected in our politics or our national performance. Maybe we can change!!


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