Robert Ira Edelman was a force of nature, a wise man, a mensch.

Robert “Bob” Edelman was born in Philadelphia, PA on December 24, 1939, he grew up on the south side, big brother to a family of 5 boys.

He graduated from Central High School in 1957 and immediately entered the U.S. Air Force where he was selected to attend Yale University’s Institute of Far Eastern languages to become a Mandarin Chinese language interpreter. He left the service in 1960 and after trying unsuccessfully to further pursue a career in languages, he then started a retail career and became the youngest buyer ever at Gimbels Philadelphia.

Bob quickly came to realize that he needed two things to be happy in his work; to love what he did, and to be his own boss. He could see that big companies could not offer both of these things. So, he left to make his way in sales… but always with an eye to his dream to work in China. Finally, in 1982 he made it happen and he moved to Hong Kong and was able to fulfill his dream. He loved the Orient! He loved being one of the few Westerners who could travel China without an interpreter. His stories about his China travel were quite incredible!!

In 1990 he moved from Hong Kong back to Myrtle Beach. He got his real estate license and started on the journey that through a chance of meeting would ultimately elevate him into the world of real estate development as part of the Winchester Development Management team. They would be responsible for changing the look of the Myrtle Beach oceanfront skyline with the development of multiple high rise buildings.

Bob loved his work, but he loved nothing more than his family, most notably his wife, Nancy. They met on a blind date June 8th, 1990 and almost immediately after she sat down across from him he told her they would spend the rest of their lives together! He was right! They were indeed soulmates. He just left us a bit too early.

He died January 15, 2024, after what was a typical Bob Edelman fight with one of the most difficult opponents; pancreatic cancer.

He is survived by two children by his first wife, Judy, and three step-children with his wife, Nancy, and eight grand-children. He also leaves behind the last two of five brothers.

He lives in the minds and memories of those he loved.

“If there’s another world, he lives in bliss; if there’s none, he made the best of his” – Robert Burns

“It is what it is.” — Bobism